Bricks Press Machine

Bricks Press Machine

Project Description

Refined brick making and burning techniques have exceptionally improved the quality of buildings. Manufacturing of bricks constitutes four stages i.e., preparation of soil, molding, drying, and burning. Bricks Press Machines are used for these processes.
We have provided a new panel for friction screw press machine converted into a servo-based press machine which is also suitable for Auto mode
Our collaboration with machine manufacturers allows us to provide our standard system for their Bricks Press Machines.

Why do we need retrofitting in Bricks Press Machines

Following problems are being faced by clients and one-stop solution is retrofitting

Various faults were detected in the existing panel
Machine service-related issue
Less production due to manual mode
The necessity of Auto mode due to low accuracy
Unavailability of electronic spares

Our offered solution

Configure the machine with a servo motor and fulfill the requirement of Auto mode which can offer high accuracy and max production
Easy operation system
Material used in our panel is easily available in market
Operator can set gap between two sections as per requirement

System Components

Delta PLC
Delta HMI
Delta C2000 drive
Delta PM motor
load cell

Our scope of work in various Sectional Warping Machine

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