Crepe Texturing Machine

Crepe Texturing Machine

Project Description

Product Overview

SD-135 Crepe Twister is for the most economic production of Crepe Textured Polyester Filament yarn packages for use in clothing & garment fabrics to give an ultra-soft feel. The Electric heaters are more efficient on energy consumption saving extensively on operating costs. SD-135 truly offers the lowest production cost for Crepe yarns.

SD-135 Crepe Twister is ideal for

30-150 denier Polyester Filament Yarns
600 to 2000 TPM for highest viability
Knotless Feed & Take-up upto 1.0 Kgs
Delivery Package on Paper Tube Take-Up


Extremely cost-effective method to produce “Fancy Crepe Yarn”
Electric Heater with Quick Start ensures lower operating costs over liquid heaters
PLC Control for RPM, TPM & False-Twist ratio allows high flexibility & quick changeovers
Yarn path optimized to maintain softness & bulkiness of the resultant yarn
High-Speed operation & the compact frame provides maximum production per unit investment
Electric Heaters with quick start-up times allow lower energy costs over liquid heaters.
Microprocessor-based control of Electric Heaters ensures optimum Temperatures.
Complete Ceramic Yarn Path for smooth handling of Filament Yarns.
Overfeed ratio centrally adjustable offers precise control of required density
Dynamically Balanced Precision Spindles & Nylon Sandwich belt controls variation within close ISI limits for consistent & reliable quality.

Technical Specification

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