Rapier Machine

Rapier Machine

Project Description

The rapier loom is a shuttleless weaving loom in which the filling yarn is carried through the shed of warp yarns to the other side of the loom by finger-like carriers called Rapiers.
A rapier loom uses a rapier to pull the weft yarn across the loom. It can be single or double rapier. 
Our collaboration with machine manufacturers allows us to provide our standard system for their machines.

Why we need retrofitting in Rapier Machine

Following problems are being faced by clients and one-stop solution is retrofitting

Machine service-related issue
Fault in old power card; requirement of PLC based system
The demand for huge mechanical system upgrade
Absolute parts
Unavailability of electronic spares

Our offered solution

Machine Start-Stop
Machine slow inching mode
Machine pick finding mode
Auto manual pick finding mode selection
Manually ELO/ETU Servo motor FWD/REV
Auto pick changing by automatic electronics servo based system
Improve speed of machine
Electronic let-off + take-up with cramming
Achieve different weaving density
Inbuilt USB 2.0 based programmable weft selector (max.8 weft)
User friendly 7” touch screen for operation

System Components

Servo Driver & Motor

  1. Fuji electric
  2. Schneider electric
  3. Yaskawa electric corporation
  4. Xinje electric

AC Inverter Drive

  1. Fuji electric
  2. Schneider electric
  3. Yaskawa electric corporation


  1. Schneider electric

Power supply and relay card

  1. Phoenix

Loadcell and Encoder

  1. Kubler group

HMI and Control system

  1. Xinje electric
  2. Schneider electric


  1. Lapp Groupe
  2. RR Cabel Limited

Terminal & Connector

Benefits of control system

Auto pick changing so removal of all mechanical work to ensure minimum mechanical breakdown time
ETU/ELO system effectively removes the problem such as stop mark, latent defect, and bulking due to change of tension force
Achieve different wave densities without changing gear
Improve speed of machine 10-30% (Depends on machine condition)
Specially designed to work under Indian environment
Electronic let off – take up with cramming

Our scope of work in various Rapier Machine

1. Wanli Rapier machines

2. Somet Rapier Machines

3.Orange Weaving Pvt. Ltd.

4. SMIT Rapier Machines

5. Vamatex Leonardo Rapier Machines

6. Amar Jacquard Pvt. Ltd.

7. Shin Kwang Rapier Machines

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