Roof Cutting Machine

Roof Cutting Machine

Project Description

Our collaboration with machine manufacturers allows us to provide our standard system for their machines.

Why do we need retrofitting in Roof Cutting Machine?

Following problems are being faced by clients and one-stop solution is retrofitting

Issues in the drive in an existing panel
The existing panel is not in working condition
Various faults detected in an existing panel
Unavailability of electronic spares

Our offered solution

  • Provided a brand new panel for the machine. Programming in PLC, configure with Drive & HMI. Made it ready to use.

System Components

AC Inverter Drive

  1. Larsen & Toubro Ltd,

PLC system

  1. Xinje PLC
  2. Schneider electric

HMI system

  1. Touchwin HMI


  1. Lapp Groupe
  2. RR Cabel Limited


Our scope of work in Roof Cutting Machine

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