Sectional Warping Machine

Sectional Warping Machine

Project Description

A sectional warping machine consists of three basic units, which are the creel, winding drum, and beaming unit. In section warping, warp yarns are organized into yarn bands, each having the same warp density as for the weaver’s beam. Then, the yarn sheet is transferred from the drum onto the weaver’s beams.
Our collaboration with machine manufacturers allows us to provide our standard system for their machines.

Why we need retrofitting in Sectional Warping Machine

Following problems are being faced by clients and one-stop solution is retrofitting

Various fault detected in existing panelVarious fault detected in the existing panel
Machine service-related issue
Fault in old power card; requirement of PLC based system
Unavailability of electronic spares

Our offered solution

Auto density calculation system
Easy operation system
Accurate length measurement system
Individual servo set for traverse drum and table
Material used in our panel is easily available in market
Operator can set gap between two sections as per requirement

System Components

Servo Driver & Motor

  1. Schneider electric

AC Inverter Drive

  1. Schneider electric
  2. Fuji electric
  3. Yaskawa electric corporation

HMI and Control system

  1. Schneider electric

Power supply and relay card

  1. Phoenix


  1. Fenac encoders and sensors


  1. Schneider electric


  1. Lapp Groupe
  2. RR Cabel Limited

Terminal & Connector

Our scope of work in various Sectional Warping Machine

1. Karl Mayer

2. Kakinoki Core

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