Winder Machine Panel

Winder Machine Panel

The automation in winding increase the winding efficiency. Huge amount of yarn are winded than conventional system of winding for using automation. Labour cost also decrease by the using automation in winding. In another article, automation in weaving has discussed details.

Machine Requirement  – Revamping of Electrical System

Drum Traverse System

  • The precise slit stainless drum guides the threads to wind up.
  • Drum with special hardened polish treatment is good for high speed running and it can also lower the noise.

Touch Panel Control System

  • Preset the yarn length on touch panel of the cross cone winder, then the computer will measure it with compensates length adjustment. It’s accurate and reliable.
  • Preset the yarn deliver speed from 400~1400 meters per minute on touch panel and then run the constant yarn speed.
  • Preset the lube roller speed from 0~50 RPM for the lubricant percentages of the threads. The uniform lubricant throughout the packages of threads lubricated due to the constant yarn deliver speed.
  • Preset the product quantity; make it easy to manage the production efficiently.

Automatic bobbin magazine device

  • With non-bobbin detector and auto-stop system, the cone winder machine will shutdown when it stops bobbing.

Auto-Doffing and control system

  • Mechanical doffing system, precise and durable.
  • Doffing time 7~10 seconds.

Electronic magnetic tension device

  • Electronic magnetic tension controls the tension throughout the cycle of winding process to get the good quality of packages.

Auto circulating lube system and tank (Optional)

  • Auto circulating lube system filters the floss to ensure the lubricant quality given to lube with threads.
  • One lube tank can connect 20 spindles of 4 machines.
  • Hot lube system with heater control panel are available with option.
  • Density adjusting device, precise, stable and reliable.
  • With our yarn broke sensor, the automatic cone winder will stop automatically when the yarn is broken.
  • Computer auto-detect trouble happened and then display the reasons by caption, it’s easy to maintain the condition of machine.

Auto circulating lube system and tank (Optional)

  • Suitable for all sewing thread winding and available from 20/6 to 60/2 yarn counts. Nylon thread and viscose rayon thread…etc.
  • We can control the motor speed as its rpm
  • We can control package size automatically
  • We can control yarn clearing as thick ,thin places or slubs through yarn diameter
  • We can splice automatically if yarn breaks
  • We can change empty cones in cone magazine automatically.

System Feature & Benefits

  1. Reliable System Which Can Work for Removal of  existing Hardware to Final Machine trail
  2. Easy to Configure Complex Control, Reliable in case of power failure
  3. Selection for different Products and Integration of existing machine feature maximum flexibility.
  4. Utilization of existing Electrical Control Panel and Motors
  5. 100 % Availability for machine
  6. High Speed High Accuracy Processing for a precise bobbin build and high flyer speeds
  1. Control system can Handle Complete Machine Automation. Proven Hardware & Software
  2. Thanks to Schneider’s Engineering Tools – Standard Block for Speed Control, Ramp Function,…etc
  3. Speedy communication in Electrical VFD and PLC with HMIs.
  4. Our Electrical team makes it happen.
  5. Latest Industrial standards adopted while selection of VFD and Automation system.
  6. CANOPEN Based Communication, High Speed Latest  Controller, High Resolution  Analogue Cards.


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