Yarn Dyeing Machine Panel

Yarn Dyeing Machine Panel

Dye House Automation System consists of dyestuff and chemical dispensing, weighing, dissolving and dispensing lines, salt and soda mixing storage and dispensing systems.

Machine Requirement – Revamping of Electrical System

Dye House Automation System has four major segments.

  • Powder dye storage and weighing system
  • Powder dye dissolving and distribution system
  • Liquid chemical distribution system
  • Powder chemical dissolving & dispensing but ion system

Advantages of a Dye House Automation System

The central network system of a dye house offers the following advantages.

  • Exact dosing
  • Simplified operations
  • Flexibility and openness
  • Total integration of systems
  • Savings in time

System Feature & Benefits

  1. Reliable System Which Can Work for Removal of existing Hardware to Final Machine trail
  2. Easy to Configure Complex Control, Reliable in case of power failure
  3. Selection for different Products and Integration of existing machine feature maximum flexibility.
  4. Utilization of existing Electrical Control Panel and Motors
  5. 100 % Availability for machine
  6. High Speed High Accuracy Processing for a precise bobbin build and high flyer speeds
  1. Control system can Handle Complete Machine Automation. Proven Hardware & Software
  2. Thanks to Schneider’s Engineering Tools – Standard Block for Speed Control, Ramp Function,…etc
  3. Speedy communication in Electrical VFD and PLC with HMIs.
  4. Our Electrical team makes it happen.
  5. Latest Industrial standards adopted while selection of VFD and Automation system.
  6. CANOPEN Based Communication, High Speed Latest Controller, High Resolution Analogue Cards.

Solution offered – Integrated Automation Solution

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